RACA is a collection of hand crafted everyday resort and leisure accessories by me, Cara Brown. Inspired by nature's most abundant natural resource- the ocean; each piece delivers wonder and harmony, enhancing the magic of your most essential self.



  1. Selling jewelry was my 1st business in 3rd grade. 
  2. The ocean is my source of inspiration. The ocean is a beautiful embodiment of complexities. It is both soothing and scary. Clear, yet mysterious. It is the source of life but can swallow up the Titanic. It is the home of amazing creatures. I love the colors- calm and neutral above the surface; and bright and colorful below. 
  3. My favorite article of jewelry is the anklet. At the age of 5, I wore a red ribbon around my left ankle. While most children have a safety blanket, my mom said I had a 'safety anklet'.
  4. One of my most exciting and liberating accomplishments was earning an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA.
  5. My favorite food is my mom’s Macaroni & Cheese. My mom bequeathed me with an entrepreneurial spirit. She owned her own catering and event planning company for 25 years.